„What began as a stream of useful information has since become a raging torrent.“

Neil Postman, U.S. media critic

Marketing communication has become something of a Herculean task: there has never been so much information and so many information channels. Reaching your target groups has never been so complex. And media consumption was never as fragmented as now. We cut a path through this jungle, get your message to the right target group, stimulate dialogue and exchanges. Networked, integrated and medically grounded!

Smartphone boom, iPad-hype, social networking: we all know the potential of electronic media in pharmaceutical and healthcare communication. Nonetheless, the conventional media are still relevant too because there are many who prefer to rely on printed materials. And most people value forthright communication and personal interaction. The key to success is finding the right media mix for a given message and target group ...
We develop tailored, cross-channel media strategies!

Our motto is: communicate consistently wherever you know that your target group is paying attention. Many physicians are still very “print-friendly” and they also place a high value on traditional classroom settings. Younger physicians are more interested in technical innovations. Patients are turning increasingly to the Internet for information about diseases. Those suffering from chronic ailments like to commiserate with others, but only anonymously, within their own groups.
We know your target groups!

Given the political and economic developments in the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare markets, the challenges we face in marketing communication are constantly growing. Both the players and the roles they play can change abruptly. We recognize these changes, remain in constant communication with all stakeholders and speak the same language they do.