„Strategy involves the linking of external opportunities with internal skillS.“

Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon, German economist

The change in German health economic sector took place – the healthcare industry had to battle with such dramatic steep cuts during the last four years like never before.

Statutory health insurance companies establish themselves more and more as real players in the market – “From Payers to Players” – together with hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, nursing facilities and patients, the statutory health insurances are getting more and more important as key target group in the health care sector. Changes in German Social Code V with innovative opportunities led to new options for all players in the market.
Take the opportunities the law grants!

Especially the changes for pharmaceutical companies were dramatic. This sector arrived in a new era – the end of free pricing for new substances! Now the additional benefit has to be demonstrated in the so-called AMNOG process and the companies have to negotiate their target prices with the statutory health insurances. The call-up to negotiation of already marketed, expensive substances is the next logical step.
Avoid mistakes in this crucial part of market access and use your opportunities!

All citizens health insurance, an AMNOG process for medical devices and changes in financing hospitals are just a few ideas from the election programmes of German political parties.  Changes will go on in the German health care sector, but there is no need to fear them. Take this as an opportunity for your company.
Use the M&M network and lend substance to your interests!