„The secret to success? Being different than everybody else.“

Woody Allen, U.S. movie director and actor

Often, good advertising is thought to be made of outlandish, extravagant ideas. Creativity is often just an end in itself, to attract attention or win “creativity awards.” That is a precarious tightrope, because efficiency can be easily forgotten.

Our idea of creativity goes further than that!

We strive to:
  • Present the essence of your product in a unique and memorable way
  • Give your product a unique and emotional personality, one that is credible, convincing and appropriate.

Our creative people work together in teams with medical writers and experienced client advisors. They apply goal-directed processes, while always keeping an eye on the communication strategy and the needs of the respective target groups.

That philosophy applies not only to big campaign ideas, but to every single activity, including direct marketing campaigns and sales folders, for example. It also applies to the adaptation of global campaigns: we don’t just translate, we optimize the idea and the content for the German market, while staying within the prescribed limits. Consistent brand management is the highest priority in all our work.