„If you’re trying to find the right way to do something, the first thing to do is rule out all the wrong ways.“

Manfred Rommel, German politician

We leave nothing to chance. Strategic planning is the foundation for everything: our recommendations, our concepts and ultimately the creative ideas for promotional campaigns and specific communication activities.

Our strategic partners are always watching the markets and they know your target groups. They have profound knowledge of the healthcare industry and markets. They have gathered extensive experience from working in the pharmaceuticals industry and with international healthcare agencies.

Systematic and thorough analysis of
  • the brand and its potential in the given market environment,
  • the specific market conditions,
  • competitors,
  • target groups, and
  • the political and economic framework conditions.
We obtain specific insights by working with focus groups
and conducting interviews. We consult with a pool of experts
that we have put together over many years: key opinion
leaders, physicians in a wide range of specialties,
pharmacists, pharmaceutical economists and patient advocates.