„It is not your opinion that matters, but how you express it.“

Theodor Fontane, German storyteller

To conduct successful public relations under changing political and economic conditions, you need to maintain a constant dialog with the relevant target groups (physicians/prescribers, other medical professionals, pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals, patients, relatives, hospitals and the public at large) – and see them on an equal footing.

To conduct effective PR, you need to get your points across, present your product and/or your company in a favorable light for your target groups and keep a dialog going. But you also need to manage any issues that arise, avoid negative headlines and deal with problems in a proactive and candid manner.

We set the right tone and generate feedback!

To that end, we rely on our longstanding contacts in the media (print and online), with journalists in the trade press and the general-interest press, as well as key opinion leaders, relevant professional associations, hospitals and major patient organizations.

Aside from conventional measures, we have also developed tailored and highly attractive PR formats like Med@Media. And we develop social media concepts that are precisely tailored to your communication objectives.

PR success means output and that is how we think our success should be measured. We provide more than just quantitative media resonance analysis studies, but also qualitative evaluations and competitor observation reports.